Ears and eyes

Work with a partner, name yourselves: “eyes” and “ears”.

Both should devise and plot a local route that will take the traveler through a range of private and public, sensory experiences. Once devised, “Eyes” (wearing earplugs / ear-defenders) will lead “Ears” (who will be blindfolded) along that same route.
“Ears” will be recording the journey and in response to the aural stimuli, they will dictate pace and attention – whenever they (Ears) deem it necessary, they’ll halt the journey in order to make dedicated ‘sound-mark’ audio recordings.
At the end of the journey, the roles reverse and “Eyes” will travel the same route (again wearing ear-defenders) making images that best describe and respond to the visual stimuli as they go.  

Sunday Morning or The Sound of Silence

(made by Camille Perret and Susanne Kober )






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