David Campbell Talk

Professor David Campbell was at the Coventry University on november 17th.

A sum-up of his talk can be found here.

What do I think ?

” What is the story you really want to tell?”

This essential question from David Campbell define the work of a photographer: Story Telling. Indeed, now, he can’t just take a picture, show it, and go away. He has to explain the context, to allow viewers to understand the whole story. However, as the question says, the photographer chooses to tell that events or not and with that particular detail and not that one. That’s his work, his art !

Objective, definition:

” not influenced by personal feelings interpretations or prejudice, based on facts.”

A photographer can’t be objective: he chooses to deal with this subject which is directly linked to him, to his own story. He is a part of the context. His life can allow viewers to understand better his work.

This is a very important difference between a photographer and a journalist. This one has to cover events in the world to convey informations. When he chooses a topic, he must be objective. And the subject match with what people want to know, what they are expecting.

So, where the photographer takes place? Where is he ? In which area can he evolve ?

Must he become an objective journalist ? Or must he become really engaged and makes real choices ?


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